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Advisory +
VIP Coaching

Tailored for female founders and executives driven to achieve transformative change in their businesses and lives.

Transform your business. Transform your life.

Feeling overwhelmed, fearful, or uncertain about launching or taking your business to the next level? This comprehensive executive coaching and advisory offering provides the support you need to navigate from your current situation to your desired destination.


Save Time and Money with One Advisor


Instead of paying for multiple advisors and coaches and struggling to piece together their advice into a cohesive and actionable plan, I offer the wisdom and experience across functional business areas, company life stages, and fundraising and investing in one coach. This saves you time and money, eliminating costly 'trial and error' mistakes and the need to connect the dots from multiple advisors.

With a visionary mindset and a pulse on the beauty, health, wellness, Femtech and longevity sectors, I anticipate trends well in advance. This enables your brand to be positioned (or re-aligned) as a trailblazer in the industry.

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"Don’t dare attempt your dream without her!"

Kamila Calko, Founder of SeaLight 

Victoria, British Columbia 

Craft a Roadmap for Success

Creating a personalized roadmap to success, we'll break down your path into clear and easily understandable steps. This will pave the way for your goals, facilitate personal and professional transformation, and lead to lucrative rewards.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

With a keen ability to identify your secret sauce and my unique approach developed to help clients, we'll uncover both visible and hidden opportunities to differentiate in the market and establish your brand as a pioneer in the industry.​

Achieve and Actualize Your Goals!​​

With a holistic approach to driving your business towards growth and success, we will also collaborate to ensure that you preserve your passion and vitality - keeping you motivated and preventing burnout.

Ready to feel unstoppable and make BIG things happen?

Whether it's leveling up your existing business or launching a new business, here are a some of the ways I support my clients:

  • Clarify, strategize and develop a focused launch plan from Vision to Launch 

  • Identify untapped growth opportunities

  • Create a standout brand, product(s) and marketing assets

  • Ideate and develop new industry 'concepts'

  • Create the blueprint to pioneer a new category

  • New product development

  • Assess cash flow requirements, cash burn and opportunities to improve profitability

  • Assemble a high-performing team

  • Craft a powerful marketing plan (DTC, omni-channel)

  • Identify, structure and secure valuable strategic partnerships

  • Prepare for a strategic and/or venture capital raise 

  • Navigate investor relations, structure deals and work through challenges

  • Drive organic or acquisitive growth (through mergers & acquisitions)

  • Assess and improve customer retention 

  • Navigate the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Sustain passion, success and prevent burnout 

How I support you

Achievable Results & Benefits 

  • Gain razor sharp clarity on your vision

  • Create a brand you and the market loves

  • Effortlessly launch your business and new products

  • Launch your business to hit to 7/8 figures++

  • Lead with confidence and authenticity

  • Attract and retain top talent and board members

  • Establish a sustainable and profitable business model

  • Innovate and stay relevant in your industry

  • Negotiate favorable deals

  • Navigate roadblocks with more ease

  • Manage investor relations 

  • Stand your ground when it counts and never lose YOUR voice 

  • Secure capital to launch and/or grow your business

  • Cultivate a support network to amplify your success

  • Save money by avoiding costly mistakes

  • Develop a roadmap for new product pipelines

  • Enhance your health and quality of life

  • Live a purposeful life

  • Overcome fear-induced inertia and paralysis

  • Reduce overwhelm and anxiety

  • Prevent burnout

  • Sleep peacefully at night


Sector Specialization

  • Wellness & Longevity: Including products, services, clinics and technology

  • Beauty & Skincare: Including spas, lifestyle products, clean beauty, ingestible products, and skincare service/technologies

  • Brick & mortar: Boutique retail & experiential concepts

  • Community membership and loyalty platforms 

  • Femtech

  • Fitness & Yoga: Products and services

  • Healthy/Functional Food & Beverage Products

  • Lifestyle & Fashion Brands

  • Non-toxic, Eco-Conscious and Clean Living

  • Nutraceuticals and Supplements

  • Social Wellness Clubs

  • Wellness Hospitality & Travel

  • Welltech & Consumer Wearables


Investment: 6-Month Commitment 


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