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Product Perfect

A transformative coaching program to level up your product so that it can become a household name.

Transform Your Consumer Product from Overlooked to Irresistible!

Unveil the Full Potential of Your Consumer Product with ‘Product Perfect’, a custom program for founders to take your product from good to GREAT.


Is your consumer product not performing as well as you’d like? Do you feel like there’s a missing element that would transform your product from overlooked to oversold

Ready to transform your product?

Service 1
"Any female founder would be fortunate to have Julie in their corner." 

Ciara Martinez, Founder, LightBulb Creative 

San Diego, California 

The Product Perfect Journey: How We’ll Transform Your Product 

Unlock the true potential of your consumer product with 'Product Perfect' - a bespoke program designed for founders to elevate your product from good to extraordinary.

Through our three personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, I will guide you in refining your product to make it a household name. Experience the transformation and witness your product soar to new heights.


Session 1

1.5 HOURS 

Lay the Foundation

  • Share your product and brand vision, along with market insights and existing challenges.

  • Dive deep into every aspect, covering ingredients, benefits, differentiation, pricing, positioning, untapped opportunities, challenges, and current roadblocks.

  • Engage in a comprehensive Q&A segment to address all queries.

After this session, a full day dedicated to personalized market and product research will follow.


Product 2.0 Strategy Reveal

Session 2

(Post 1 Full Day of Research & Analysis)

  • Get personalized feedback that identifies the strengths and untapped opportunities of your product. 

  • Collaborate on effective strategies to elevate its positioning and boost sales performance. 

  • Receive a follow-up email with actionable insights and tasks to complete before our next session.


Your New Blueprint for the Ultimate Product

Session 3

  • We develop your Product 2.0 strategy, crafting a clear path for your success.

  • With a finalized go-forward product plan, you gain a new roadmap towards market leadership.


Investment in Your Success: $5,000 + Tax (USD)

How ‘Product Perfect’ Will Deliver

Through three engaging live sessions (conducted via Zoom) and tailored research between coaching sessions 1 and 2, we will meticulously analyze your product. This comprehensive examination will encompass its current market performance and untapped opportunities, ultimately propelling you towards a new level of success. 


I will guide you through each step, working together to refine and perfect your product. We will unlock your true market potential and amplify your success, shifting your product from being just another option to becoming THE definitive choice.

How to Apply

Click the GET STARTED button above.

Complete your 'Product Perfect' application.

Courier a commercial sample of your product as currently packaged and promoted.

(address will be provided post acceptance)

Ready to soar to new heights?

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