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Greg Craig.jpeg

In my role as both CEO of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers, a national chain of Medspa/Wellness & Longevity Centers, I was blown away by what Julie McClure accomplished as our Wellness and Longevity Head. Julie’s exceptional business background, coupled with a unique and rare interest in helping others achieve physical and mental wellness, resulted in her creating a world class program tailored to each person with whom she supported. Her approach is warm, caring and smart, and her clients not only benefitted from her wisdom in creating optimal wellness but were inspired to achieve and follow a path to lifelong happiness and wellness. In particular, her drive for being a catalyst for women’s health and achievement is noteworthy, and I have personally witnessed her empower and guide females of all ages and stages to reach their peak. I have also been fortunate to see Julie’s work in action as Chairman of a large center at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. As a board member, Julie works tirelessly to support students, the school, and her fellow board members with her insights and zeal for the wellness sector, and broadly the entrepreneurial arena. Julie changes lives for the better with her passion, wisdom, and knowledge of cutting-edge techniques for becoming the best you can be. Her Advisory and Executive Coaching venture allows her to deliver real results for her clients in the most impactful way yet! 

Gregory L. Craig 

Chairman, Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, UCLA Anderson School

Former CEO, BHRC 

Board Member, Public and Private Companies 

Los Angeles, California 


“Entrepreneurship is hard and lonely at times. I was so fortunate to find Julie in our first year of launch, and she was the person I called when I needed both business advice and overall support. She was much more than a coach, and more of a mentor and sometimes a therapist! I love her approach of sharing the things that worked and didn't work for her as a female founder, and I truly could not have survived that first year without her. “ 

Belinda Lau, CEO of ELIMS Oral Care 

Los Angeles, California 

Michael Klein v1.jpeg

“Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, Julie bridges the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Her experience and insight are invaluable in building and scaling our venture." 

Michael Klein, Entrepreneur, Author, Former Media Executive (MTV, Condé Nast, Warner Bros. Discovery) 

NYC, New York 

Kamila Calko.jpeg

“Julie is a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration. Her Vision to Launch Intensive and VIP Coaching, with curated guidance and industry insight, fast-tracked my business from an idea to an actionable plan. Don’t dare attempt your dream without her!”

Kamila Calko, Founder of SeaLight 

Victoria, British Columbia 

Olivia Glauberzon.jpeg

“I was referred to Julie when I had 3 days to prepare an elevated pitch to CBC’s Dragon’s Den, a filmed audition with the producers and potential investors. Thanks to her help, I killed my audition and made the show! Julie was a huge part of getting me ready and letting me beat out the hundreds of businesses that auditioned for the same spot.” 

Olivia Glauberzon, Founder of AFTER9 

Toronto, Ontario  

"Julie is a powerful force that can harness ideas and turn it into a solid well thought out strategic plan."

Dr. Winnie Siu, Naturopathic Doctor,

Co-founder of EnviroMed Clinic 

Toronto, Ontario 


“I have known Julie McClure personally and professionally for 15 years. Her ability to help founders bring their business vision to life, or to help businesses reach new heights, is unparalleled. Working with Julie is a transformative experience. As a female founder, I have often found myself navigating the challenging waters of the consumer product industry, struggling to make my product stand out in a crowded market, or struggling to raise funds in a male/tech dominated venture capital world. Julie's mind and business acumen make her a true game-changer in the consumer product world. Her fresh ideas and knack for predicting market trends have not only brought exciting products to life but have also helped brands connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. In addition to her strong fundraising skills, what sets Julie apart is her unique blend of data savvy and a deep understanding of what people really want, helping to create things that don't just sell, but also resonate deeply with consumers.

Elizabeth Goldspink, Naturopathic Doctor,

Founder of Papillex, Entrepreneur 

Toronto, Ontario 


“If you’re at the stage of entrepreneurship where you need a best friend who can meet you, a mentor who’s done it, or a guide to spirit you through chaos or anxiety, you have everyone you need in Julie. Julie is a multi-hyphenate who will help clarify your vision, advise on product, packaging, and GTM strategy, and ensure you maintain your stamina along the way.” 

Hilary Doyle, Co-Founder, Wealthie.Works  

Toronto, Ontario 

Viktorija Simanavice.jpg

“I had the pleasure of working with Julie last year. As an exceptional leader and coach, Julie possesses a rare ability to help others grow, empowering them to succeed beyond their expectations. What truly sets Julie apart is her talent for transforming ideas into a compelling vision, inspiring action and fostering a culture of achievement. Her guidance has been invaluable to my professional development, and I'm confident it will be the same for anyone fortunate enough to work with her.” 

Viktorija Simanavice, Entrepreneur 

Los Angeles, California 


“As a fellow female business owner who has worked with Julie for almost 10 years now, I am continually inspired by the passion and authenticity she brings to her work. Her creativity paired with an in-depth understanding of building a successful brand is what makes her such an asset. And what's even more impressive is her ability to secure funding for growth, making her an invaluable mentor for female founders. Julie offers the power of vision, execution, and strategic financing in creating successful ventures. A rare gem!” 

Amy Ballantine, Entrepreneur 

Toronto, Ontario

Winnie Siu.jpg

“Julie is a powerful force that can harness ideas and turn it into a solid well thought out strategic plan. Julie is 100% action oriented and will motivate you to reach your dreams. She is such an inspiration for female entrepreneurs! I’ve experienced this myself with her creative brainstorms to help me find clarity in my ideas and coaching me to turn it into a business. Thank you, Julie, for co-creating with me.” 

Dr. Winnie Siu, Naturopathic Doctor,

Co-founder of EnviroMed Clinic 

Toronto, Ontario 

Ciara Photo.jpg

“Collaborating with Julie was more than a rewarding experience but a partnership you don't come across often. Bringing our agency on board to launch a brand she was taking to market, Julie's meticulous organization, visionary drive, and extensive industry expertise steered the project to success at every turn, and we were thrilled to be a part of it! As an entrepreneur myself, navigating through analysis paralysis and overwhelm is common, but Julie provides the guidance and partnership to overcome these challenges. Any female founder would be fortunate to have Julie in their corner.”  

Ciara Martinez, Founder of LightBulb Creative 

San Diego, California 

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