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Pitch Perfect

Capture their attention. Ignite their belief. Secure their investment.

Have a critical Investor or Board Meeting, TV Pitch, or Case Competition?

The 'Pitch Perfect' program is specifically designed for female founders and executives (across industries) who seek to deliver razor-sharp presentations with confidence and ease. This comprehensive program caters to individuals who are:


  • Preparing for external capital raises and investments from high-net-worth individuals, angel investors, strategic corporate investors, venture capital firms, or private equity firms.​

  • Preparing for appearances on popular TV shows like Shark Tank (US) or Dragons' Den (Canada), or participating in high-stakes case/pitch competitions.​

  • Getting ready to deliver a presentation on an important strategic growth opportunity to company executives or the board of directors.


Enroll in the program to master the art of crafting a compelling story with crucial highlights. Use language that deeply resonates with investors, captivating their attention and leaving a lasting impact.


After your three personalized coaching sessions, ‘Pitch Perfect’ will have you primed to deliver a show-stopping pitch so that you can show up with confidence and move the deal forward on your terms.

Ready to Rock Your Pitch?

Service 1
"Julie is a multi-hyphenate who will help clarify your vision."

Hilary Doyle, Co-Founder, Wealthie  

Toronto, Ontario 

The 'Pitch Perfect' Journey:
How We’ll Transform Your pitch 


Get ready for a series of dynamic, interactive sessions tailored to elevate your pitch and skyrocket your confidence.


Our three one-on-one live coaching sessions will be dedicated solely to perfecting the verbal delivery of your investment or business opportunity ‘pitch’.


Discover Your Strengths, Delve into Your Story

Session 1

  • Dive deep into your goals, fears, and unique challenges, laying the groundwork for a transformative pitch.

  • Run-through your current personal introduction and investor pitch.

  • Engage in pointed Q&A to distill your story and the opportunity into can’t miss highlights.

  • Examine your business metrics and financials to align the messaging with a captivating narrative.

  • Walk away with targeted feedback and action points to polish and empower your pitch for Session 2.


Sharpen Your Edge, Perfect Your Pitch

Session 2

  • Deliver your finessed pitch, incorporating insights from Session 1.

  • Answer critical follow-up questions and receive sharp feedback to add the final, compelling final touches to your personal narrative and investment pitch.

  • Once our session concludes, you'll receive an email packed with essential questions to help you prepare for Session 3. This will ensure that you are fully equipped to handle any curveballs from potential investors. Rest assured, you'll be ready and confident to tackle whatever comes your way.


Rehearse, Boost Confidence, Own the Room

Session 3

  • Step into your final ‘dress rehearsal’, where we polish every last detail of your pitch.

  • Receive a final round of constructive feedback, geared towards instilling you with pitch-perfect confidence.

  • Talk through any looming fears or investor questions, transforming them into opportunities to shine.

  • Receive actionable mental strategies to conquer the big day, sweeping aside jitters so you can present with unshakeable confidence and own the room.


Investment in Your Success: $2,500 + Tax (USD)

How to Enroll:

Click on the above GET STARTED button above to fill out the application.

Note: This offering does not include review and feedback of your investor presentation materials/visual documents. To request this add-on, contact me directly HERE.


Ready to Soar to New Heights?

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